DTA Wales Energy Buying Group

The Developmental Trusts Association Wales (DTA Wales) is an independent practitioner based membership organisation which promotes the work of and supports the growing network of development trusts in Wales.

The Energy Buying Group is a new way for members to pool resources to cut energy costs and invest in the future.


How does the Energy Buying Group work? 

The Energy Buying Group works on the principle of Bulk Purchasing, whereby organisations submit their annual energy consumption details. This collective consumption allows our Broker at Touchstone Services to negotiate completive rates with a wide range of energy suppliers. The Energy Buying Group also facilitates the administrative process with a contract end date of September 30th every year. If your contract ends after this date we will keep your request for a quote on our database and contact you nearer the contract end date. The Energy Buying Group has a proven track record of providing unbeatable quotes for its members, quotes which were otherwise unavailable to individual organisations.

Why Join?

In a recent white paper, energy price are predicted to rise 81% by 2021. This as well as cost cutting and the financial pressure of The Climate Change Levy, Carbon Reduction Commitment and Renewables Obligation; mean that The Energy Buying Group will provide a much more resilient network which will be future proofed as far as possible against energy price spikes in coming years.

How can I get a quote?

The first stage of this process requires providing DTA Wales with some basic energy bill information. Joining the Energy Buying Group is a free no obligation process and is an opportunity to find out how much money you could be saving on your energy bills!
Once you have been provided with an initial quote which you are happy with –you can then join the Energy Buying Group and really start saving money!

Progress so far

DTA Wales are proud to announce that membership of The Energy Buying Group is increasing at a daily rate; all Development Trusts in Wales and 300 community organisations in England have now been contacted and are in the process of submitting their details. We are delighted with this accelerated progress and we are well on our way to achieving our goal of 15 million kWh by September 30th 2012 and 50 million kwh in 2013.

The Energy Buying Group has also saved its members hundreds of pounds, with many members discovering that they are entitled to a significant reimbursement for the last 4 years for paying the Climate Change levy and 20% VAT instead of 5%.

DTA Wales office in Penarth were paying 9.2 pence per KW, however, thanks to the Energy buying scheme they are now paying circa 2 pence per KW, more than halving their annual gas bill.

NSA submitted their electricity and gas bill to gain an initial quote from the Energy Buying Group, it was discovered that NSA had been paying 20% VAT instead of the 15% VAT they should have been paying as a registered charity. NSA are now in the process of receiving circa £4,000 tax rebate.

For further information on the Energy Buying Group and alternative measures to save on your Energy bills, visit our Energy Action section of the site, by clicking here




01 May 2014