In this section you will find information on several different steps that you can take in order to start saving yourself some money through minimising your energy bills;


Energy Saving Technology

Aprox. savings Payback time Case Study
Voltage Optimisers 15% - 20% 2 - 3 years Average Energy savings range from 15% - 20%
Boiler Management Systems 15% - 25% Within 12 months Langdon Square Community Centre; reduced its energy consumption and saved £1,361.96.
Replace bulbs with LED Systems 60% - 80% 12 months - 2 years Dairy Crest; reduced consumption by 74% on electricity and 68% saved on CO2 emissions.
Water Saving Devices Dependant on usage Variable The Chatsworth Hotel; saved 47% in water use and £1,847 over the first year with energy efficient shower heads.
Energy Generating Technology Aprox. savings Payback time Case Study
Wood pellet boilers No Gas bills Variable Trinity School in Durham; now saving 121.9 tonnes of CO2 per annum compared with mains gas, and 186.7 tonnes of CO2 per annum compared to heating oil.
PV Solar panels No Gas bills Variable Galeri Caernarfon Arts Centremade savings of 39,423 kWh in energy, saved 22,471 KG of carbon emissins and recieved £12,969 in feed-in tariffs within the last 15 months.
Solar Thermal or Thermal Dynamic systems No Gas bills Variable  Bathwick St Mary Primary School installed 80tubes (8m2) of Thermomax advanced solar collectors, which feed the hot water system. The School will make a carbon saving of 3.7 tonnes per annum for the lifetime of the systems.