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Reducing Energy Costs Together

Providing Development Trusts, Social Enterprises and the Third Sector reduced Utility Bills, energy advice and access to energy efficient technologies.

About us

The Energy Action Group is a new way to cut energy costs. This large scale energy buying group, which was first piloted in Wales by the Development Trusts Association, has been a huge success. In partnership with energy consultants Touchstone Services we combine our expertise in the energy market to help our clients save money on energy bills as well as invest in energy saving equipment and improve energy efficiency.

Get Involved – the next step

To get your free no obligation quote or ask for specialised energy efficiency advice:

Visit our website or contact us on

or by phone on 02920 190260

To find out more about Energy Efficient Technologies follow this link


To get involved please download and sign the Letter of Authority on your organisation's headed notepaper and return to us with a copy of your latest Gas and Electric bills.

To get you a quote we require;

1. A signed Letter of Authority complete with your company logo and full name.

2. A full copy of your energy bills for each meter.





Top tips from the AIM Energy Action Group!

AIM Energy Action Group members are now part of a larger scale energy basket, ready for when earlier contracts come to an end, and are looking forward to some great savings.   

For the 2014 basket the majority of members decided to accept long-term, fixed-rate offers and this meant a slightly smaller 2015 basket, but it continues to expand at the rate of approximately two new members joining per week.   The group went out to auction in early May to the eight suppliers most likely to offer best pricing. Once these were obtained, the winning supplier was chosen.  Group members now need to return the contracts as quickly as possible, as prices are only held for a short period. 

Check your Capacity Charge on a Half-Hourly (HH) Meter

Since the last article on energy and cost saving Caithness Horizons is in the process of changing its HH meter for non-half hourly with a saving of £2,976 on capacity charges alone. Other charges will also be avoided, e.g. Meter Operator, Data Collection and Data Aggregation (providing savings of as much as a further £600 per year).

Elgar Birthplace Museum is actually replacing its meter because it does not even need the HH meter, lowering both its standing charge as well as its capacity charge resulting in a saving worth £1,900 for capacity charge alone and also a reduction in standing charge and unit cost.

The Haynes International Motor Museum is the latest museum to review its capacity charge and has now signed a contract to reduce its maximum demand of 500 kVa by 50% down to 250 kVa with a saving of some £2,300 per year at no cost.

So if you do have a Half Hour Meter please contact us immediately!

Recent quotes have produced excellent savings for other members - Piddington Museum (£155), Lanark Museum (£415), Fairfax House (£1,150) and Fairlynch Museum (£3,306).

Please get in touch now and ensure you have the lowest energy costs possible.  The AIM scheme is supported by Arts Council England, Museums Galleries Scotland and the Welsh Government. To join the AIM Energy Action Group contact, tel: 02920 259560.