The Energy Buying Group has worked with over 120 organisations based in Wales and England, providing no obligation free quotes to cut the cost of their energy bills.

See below for what they had to say and rates we were able to get them;

Bradford Tridentwent from paying £36,000 per annum on energy bills to just over £18,000

Waste Savers saved an estimated £433

Talygarn Manor House cut their electricity cost from 24 ppkWh to 10.4ppkwh

"Thanks for your excellent service!"

Sue Beer, North Deal Community Partnership

"Thanks for making it easy for us and for finding such competitive rates on our behalf. The work you do means that much more money is being spent on helping people…so bravo for that"

Ben North, Docklands centre


Table 1: Average winning quotes we negotiated. Rates can vary dependent on a number of factors including location, day/night rates and the total volume of consumption.


12 Months 24 Months 36 Months
Average Electricity quotes (pp/kwh)  10.95 11.37 11.78
Average Gas quotes (pp/kwh) 3.45 3.35 3.46
% of clients who accepted contract lengths 7% 11% 82%