Asset Portal

New DTA Wales Asset Portal Website   DTA Wales has developed a new site, the 'Asset Portal'. The Portal is a source of information to any organisation that wishes to... Read More

Asset Transfer

"Asset Transfer is a term used to describe the process of the Transfer of the ownership (or leasehold) of property or land from one party to another. Currently, the term... Read More

What is an Asset?

Property owned by a person or company which has a value or ‘something valuable belonging to a person or organisation which can be used for the payment of debts’

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Transfering Assets

In today's society local authorities and other public bodies can play a key role in Transferring assets to community organisations and enterprises

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Assets for Enterprising Communities in Wales

Please download and review the WLGA and DTA Wales briefing -  Assets for Enterprising Communities in Wales... Read More

What is Community Asset Based Development?

Community ownership of assets is a key to achieving financial viability, independence & sustainability which underpins community based enterprises & regeneration organisations

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Context for Asset Development

It should be noted that there has been track record of asset development by community enterprises and other third sector organisations in Wales.

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