The Development Trusts Association Wales

The Community Based Regeneration and Enterprise Network

'creating wealth in communities and keeping it there'

The Development Trusts Association is the UK wide community enterprise regeneration and network. It was formed by practitioners elected from its development trust members in 1992. A number of the Development Trusts in Wales were original founding members of the Development Trusts Association (DTA).

The Development Trusts Association was a response to development trusts and communities who were committed to the long term regeneration of their neighbourhoods but felt isolated and lacked information of emerging good practice elsewhere. They believed they had a lot to gain from being able to network with others who shared similar visions and aims and by having a voice at a national level.

The Development Trusts Association Wales provides support to and is the membership body for a thriving and fast growing network of development trusts in Wales. It was established in January 2003, with the support of the Welsh Assembly Government, to provide support in Wales for the existing network of development trusts to operate well and grow their activities and to assist communities and organisations that wish to establish new development trusts and to promote good practice and a practitioner based learning network in Wales.

Since 1992, prior to the establishment of Development Trusts Association Wales, all of the support for the development trusts network in Wales, and good practice exchange and support for new trusts in Wales has primarily been by voluntary effort by the Trusts themselves.

The Development Trusts Association Wales role is relevant to, and is a key contributor to, the Social Enterprise Strategy for Wales, the Communities First programme, Wales a Vibrant Economy (WAVE) and Sustainable Development agendas in Wales.